Налайх дүүрэг

The Academic new year for 2021-2022 starts

   Today, a new school year has started in Mongolia amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Division of Education for Nalaikh district, 8676 children will be studying at general education schools in Nalaikh district.

   This academic year begins with hybrid schedules that include a mix of online and in-school learning. It means that for instance, the school children, who are attending in-person classes this week, will have online lessons throughout the next week. To maintain the infection control regime, no more than 25 children are admitted to each classroom, with a child per desk.

   On September 1, Chairman of the State Great Hural (Parliament) G. Zandanshatar, Deputy Prime Minister S. Amarsaikhan, Deputy Minister of Education and Science G.Ganbayar became acquainted with the preparations carried out for the new academic year for 2021-2022 at school and kindergarten. During the visit, they solved some issues related to investment in the education sector.