Налайх дүүрэг

Consultations on the Medium-term Development Policy Plan

Consultations on the Medium-term Development Policy Plan

UNDP Mongolia is organized on June 12, 2020, consultations on the first SDGs aligned medium-term development policy and planning document for Nalaikh district, Ulaanbaatar. During the consultation, UNDF introduced the project of the Medium-term Development Policy Plan (2020-2028) of the Nalaikh district for the district officials.

The consultation was attended by UNDP Resident Representative for Mongolia, Ms. Elaine Conkievich, representatives of Governor’s office of Capital city, Governor Radnaabazar.Ch, Head of Nalaikh district’s citizen’s representatives Khural Nergui.B, Deputy Governor Ankhbayar.Kh, Head of Social Development Department Yalalt.S, and other officials.

As the world, particularly, developing countries, learned the hard way from implementation of the Millennium development goals, local governments have a special role in the implementation of the SDGs. Such as this, UNDP Mongolia has supported the UB initiative to develop a first district development plan aligned with the global, national Development Vision and UB SDG Roadmap in two districts of Ulaanbaatar, namely, Songino-Khairkhan and Nalaikh.