Налайх дүүрэг

The Asian Development Bank to invest MNT 7.5 billion for Vocational training center of Nalaikh district

The groundbreaking ceremony for extending of Vocational training center in the Nalaikh district of the capital city, which will be built with a grant MNT 7.5 billion from the Asian Development bank, took place today, on June 22, 2020. The project is implementing within the "Employment promotion program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. The extending of the Vocational training center will open in October 2020.  Within the project, will be built workout building, auto garage of heavy machinery, and practice area. As a result, students will be able to apply in 3 new professions in the Vocational training center.

The ceremony was attended by Governor Radnaabazar.Ch, The project leader of Asian Development Bank Nyamdorj.n, Director of "Nutgiin Buyan" group Sinemunkh.n, Director of Vocational training center Munkhbat.S and other officials.

On behalf of the citizens and students of Nalaikh district, Governor Radnaabazar.Ch thanked the Ministry of Labor and Social protection and Asian Development Bank in Mongolia for its generous support in increase the skills of the profession and safe learning environment for Mongolian students.