Налайх дүүрэг

Project on “Good Water” under implementation in Nalaikh district

Nalaikh is one of the remote districts in Mongolia with a population of 37.7 thousand. More than 26,000 citizens use 55,000-tons of clean water provided by 34 water kiosks that have been constructed in Nalaikh.

Communities living in Nalaikh have a lack of access or sometimes no access to clean water. Most of the water kiosks in Nalaikh are old, and their construction quality is poor, risking unhygienic practices and the spread of diseases. Communities living in Nalaikh have a lack of access or sometimes no access to clean water.

Therefore, in collaboration with the "Good Neighbors," Mongolia Representatives Office, and Nalaikh district has been implemented the "Good water" project. Within the "Good water" project, the opening ceremony for four smart water kiosks that 24-hour access in the 1st, 4th, 7th khoroo's of Nalaikh district, took place today, on September 23, 2020.

 The ceremony was attended by Governor Ch.Radnaabazar, Deputy Governor Ch.Ankhbayar, S.Tungalag, Director of the "Good Neighbors" Mongolia Representative's Office Joo Sunghyeon, Manager of the "Nalaikh" Local Development Program of "Good Neighbors" an international NGO E.Enkhsaikhan, and other officials, citizens of Khoroo.

These smart water kiosks which have been built with a grant MNT 200 million from the "Good Neighbors" an international NGO have cold and hot water. The kiosk uses a polymer water reservoir (tank) to improve the quality of drinking water. The building has been renovated to attract communities ensuring the safety of the water and comfort of users visiting the kiosk to have maximum benefit when accessing water.

In the further, Nalaikh's local leaders emphasized that the district will continue its effort to improve drinking water quality. Within the framework of safe drinking water, they have been planned to renovate all water kiosks and water tanks.